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We are CPro, the Cybersecurity Professionals

Do you understand your cybersecurity posture and weaknesses?

Public-facing website and infrastructure vulnerability detection made easy with CPro SonarSentry

Good website and infrastructure cybersecurity starts and ends with keeping your public-facing assets secure. How can SonarSentry help?

  • SonarSentry was built by our pen-testers as the first tool they used for vulnerability detection.

  • We take all the complexity out of multi-opensource tool scanning.

  • Beautifully designed reports make data reporting a breeze.

  • No time to read daily reports? Let us do it for you with our managed continuous monitoring service.

What we do

What can we do for you?

Penetration Testing as a Service
We are published experts in offensive security testing. Our domains of expertise are in web, mobile and network pentesting.

Continuous Monitoring
Our SaaS solution was built to continuously test all the front doors on your systems where hackers can break in.

Managed Monitoring
Most tech leads are too busy to keep up with daily VAS reporting so we can do it for you. We offer real, professional human report assessment and incident escalation when things go wrong. One less thing to worry about.

Professional Advisory Service
When you have a problem you don’t understanding our senior professionals are there to advise you on risk assessment and mitigation.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Our Experience
We have been delivering cybersecurity services for 10+ years. Our technical chops are second to none.

Our Focus
We have a niche focusing on public infrastructure cyber testing. We have you covered from your annual pentest to daily continuous monitoring and incident escalation.

Our Expertise
You want to avoid putting your company’s infrastructure security in the hands of ChatGPT. You need real senior professionals whose job is to stay current in the field, who will listen and provide unbiased strategic advice you can implement.

Why work with CPro?

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