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Cybersecurity is a complex domain with many variables that need to be taken into account to assess risk. However, one thing is always true: the first and last place companies should start when assessing and mitigating risk is their public-facing assets. Do you understand what your risks are?

SonarSentry is a deep scanning solution specifically designed to hit your publicly exposed infrastructure and web endpoints, building up a picture of your attack surfaces and uncovering any hidden weaknesses. When you understand your external security posture based on test data, your efforts to harden your systems will be more targeted, have a greater effect, and be faster to roll out.

Each scanner in SonarSentry’s scanning layer is equipped with multiple profiles, meticulously configured to test your target endpoints. These profiles are the result of the collective wisdom of our expert cybersecurity pentest team, who have distilled their extensive exploratory testing techniques into one powerful solution.

SonarSentry empowers you with the capabilities of automated pentesting, enriched with real-time security posture data presented in user-friendly reports. This powerful tool is further bolstered by our expert cybersecurity team, always ready to provide on-demand support when needed.

Who we are

CPro Cybersecurity Professionals

CPro Cybersecurity Professionals is a collaboration between spriteCloud B.V. in Amsterdam and Keith Makan’s KMSecurity (Pty) Ltd. based in Cape Town. Our shared vision is to be a disruptive force in the cybersecurity industry by bringing together our expertise in service delivery and penetration testing excellence to a worldwide market. We have a combined 25 years of continuous operation in commercial business in software consultancy and cybersecurity.

Our joint venture was born out of a clear need in the market. We recognized that while open-source software can significantly benefit business enterprises, many solutions are challenging to deploy due to their high infrastructure and support requirements. We saw an opportunity to provide value by offering a business solution that combines best-in-class software with multiple layers of cybersecurity expert services. The result is SonarSentry, a cybersecurity deep scanning solution for public-facing assets, complemented by our security posture review and penetration testing services.

We are excited to have you try our product for free and invite you to talk to us so we may show you our deep domain knowledge of cybersecurity and passion for customer service.

Genuine Remote Services

CPro is a genuine remote services company. Our business and operations centre is based in Amsterdam, while our technology hub and penetration test service centre is in Cape Town, South Africa. Our staff and partners are located worldwide, including New Zealand, Australia, Spain, London, and, of course, the Netherlands.

We serve a worldwide market with our penetration testing services and SonarSentry software product, which we offer as a business solution to customers as a subscription.

The businesses behind CPro have a solid track record of delivering services across numerous projects for customers worldwide. As CPro Cybersecurity Professionals, we are thrilled to enhance our standing as a cybersecurity services provider on a global scale. Our expert penetration testing services are accessible to customers everywhere through our customer onboarding and project delivery platform and streamlined business service processes.

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